Flatbush Farm is closing the doors after over 10 years of service this Saturday. We have had such a good time with all of you during these years and would like to invite you to one last night of service on Saturday the 25th. Along with regular food and bar service, our friends, the spectacular King Killer Brass Band will play a free concert from 6-8pm in Bar(n).
Please join us for one last night of awesome music, vibes and friendship!



Farm will be closed for service on Thursday 2/23

25 february

Farm Bids Farewell

Dear Farmers, and friends of Farmers,

It is with sadness and a hearty thank you that we announce that Flatbush Farm and Bar(n) will be closing on Saturday, February 25th.

We thank you for all the laughter, food, drinks, and the beautiful company that you have given us.

Please join us for our final days at farm and come visit our other location Sisters, where we will continue for many years to come.

Closed for lunch

Flatbush Farm will be closed for lunch this week.

Holiday season

Host your holiday party at Flatbush Farm. Dinner, cocktail , and private events.
Call us at 718.622.3276 or send an email to flatbushfarm@gmail.com


at Flatbush Farm


Labor day!!! 11:30-3:30pm

Join us to celebrate the last days of summer with music, bbq and special drinks in the garden!
Flatbush Farm is 10 years old and we would like to celebrate that and the summer on Monday (labor day).

Lunch at 11:30pm and BBQ at 2pm

Lunch Menu
Soup of the day $10
Curried chicken salad $16
Cobb salad $15
Goat cheese $12
Egg sandwich $12
Buttermilk pancakes Seasonal fruit jam $12
Huevos rancheros $14
Fish and Chips $18
Veggie Burger $16
Bar(n) burger $14

Workers work hard..

Join us for a fun party in our beautiful garden!